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The Bissonette Family

Twenty-Second Generation


3951112. Richard SOMASTER was born 1391 in of Old Fort Modb, Devonshire, Eng.. He married Margery HEREWARDE. [Parents]

3951113. Margery HEREWARDE was born about 1393 in of Wydcombe, Isle of Wight, Eng.. [Parents]


3951114. John PRIDEAUX Sir was born about 1394 in of Adeston, Devonshire, Eng.. He married Maude FRENCH. [Parents]


3951115. Maude FRENCH was born about 1397 in of Sharpham, Devonshire, Eng.. [Parents]


3961344. Thomas TOMKYNS was born about 1305 in Hereford, Herefordshire, Eng.. [Parents]


3964928. John At CHURCH was born about 1335 in Manor of Geround, Essex, Eng.. He died 1396. John married Catherine WYNCHESTER on 1360. [Parents]

3964929. Catherine WYNCHESTER was born about 1340 in Manor of Geround, Essex, Eng.. [Parents]


4169984. Torquil MACLEOD IV Baron of Lewe married Margaret MACNICOL. [Parents]

4169985. Margaret MACNICOL.


4170240. John (Ian) Coinneach MACKENZIE II Baron of Kint was born about 1270 in Of Ross and Crom, Scotland. He died 1338. John married Margaret Strathbogie. [Parents]

4170241. Margaret Strathbogie was born in Of Ross and Crom, Scotland. [Parents]


4170242. Roderick Torquil MACLEOD I Baron of Lewis was born about 1250. He married Dorothy O'BEOLAN about 1304.

4170243. Dorothy O'BEOLAN. [Parents]


4171776. Henry SCHOTT. [Parents]


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