Bissonette Genealogy - anc64 - Generated by Family Ties Deluxe Edition

The Bissonette Family

Sixteenth Generation


65160. Iain (John) MACKENZIE IX Lord of Kinta was born about 1478 in Of Killen, Kintail, Caithness, Scotland. He married Elizabeth GRANT. [Parents]

65161. Elizabeth GRANT was born 1483. She died 1561. [Parents]


65162. John STEWART II Earl of Athol was born 1478 in Balveny, Fifeshire, Scotland. He died 1521. John married Mary CAMPBELL on 20 Jun 1489.

65163. Mary CAMPBELL was born 1470 in Balveny, Fifeshire, Scotland. She died 2 Feb 1546.


65184. James SCOTT Sir was born about 1565. He died 1606. James married Elizabeth WARDLAW on 23 Jun 1583 in Scotland. [Parents]

65185. Elizabeth WARDLAW was born 1562 in Of Bergen op Zoo, Holland.


65280. William Short.


65292. George CHATFIELD was born 1566 in Rumboldsyke, Sussex, Eng.. He married Margaret.

65293. Margaret.


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