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The Bissonette Family

Sixteenth Generation


61620. Richard WHITE was born 1519 in Merriott, Somerset, Eng.. He died 6 May 1578 in Hill Farence, Somerset, Eng.. Richard married Helen KIRTON Mrs.. [Parents]

61621. Helen KIRTON Mrs. was born about 1535 in Hill Farence, Somerset, Eng.. [Parents]


61622. William ALLGAR IV was born about 1536 in Shalford, Essex, Eng.. He died 25 Aug 1575 in Shalford, Essex, Eng.. William married Margaret Ann PARYE about 1554. [Parents]

61623. Margaret Ann PARYE was born 1540 in Braintree, Essex, Eng.. She died 24 Aug 1612 in Shalford, Essex, Eng.. [Parents]


61636. John CHANDLER was born about 1555 in Eng.. He died in St. Margaret, Moyses, Eng.. John married Jane GITTON.

61637. Jane GITTON was born about 1560 in Eng.. She died in St. Margaret, Moyses, Eng..


61638. Jonathon ALDEN married Abigail HALLETT. [Parents]

61639. Abigail HALLETT.


61640. William ROGERS was born about 1540 in Watford, Northampton, Eng.. He married Eleanor.

61641. Eleanor.


61642. George COSFORD was born about 1545 in Watford, Northampton, Eng.. was buried 13 Nov 1608 in Watford, Northampton, Eng.. George married Margaret WILLS.

61643. Margaret WILLS was born about 1545 in Watford, Northampton, Eng.. was buried 18 Nov 1615 in Watford, Northampton, Eng..


61666. Jacques Jan LE MAHIEU was born about 1559 in Lwiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. He died 30 Jun 1603 in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Jacques married Jeanne (Jennie) MAHIEU Mrs. in Leyden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

61667. Jeanne (Jennie) MAHIEU Mrs. was born about 1563 in Canterbury, Kent, Eng.. She died after 1609 in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.


61670. Thomas DURRANT was born about 1552 in Eng.. He married Mary.

61671. Mary was born about 1556 in Eng..


61696. William ADAMS was born 1594 in Shopshire, Eng.. He married Unknown BORINGTON. [Parents]

61697. Unknown BORINGTON.


61698. Peter WORDEN was born about 1570 in Clayton, Lancashire, Eng.. He died 9 Mar 1639 in Plymouth, MA. Peter married Mary Magdalene WINSLOW before 1609 in Eng.. [Parents]

61699. Mary Magdalene WINSLOW was born 1610 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. She died 26 Mar 1687 in Yarmouth, Barnsatble, MA. [Parents]


61700. John VASSELL was born 1544 in Caen, Normandy, France. He died 13 Sep 1625 in Stepney, Middlesex, Eng.. John married Ann RUSSELL on 25 Sep 1569 in St. Dunstan's, Stepany, Mid. Eng.. [Parents]


61701. Ann RUSSELL was born 1566 in Ratcliffe, Middlesex, Eng.. She died 4 May 1593 in RADCLIFFE, Essex, Eng..


61702. George KINGE was born 1567 in Woodham, MORTIMER, Essex, Eng.. He died 7 Dec 1625. George married Jean (Joane) LORRAN.

61703. Jean (Joane) LORRAN was born about 1571 in Woodham, MORTIMER, Essex, Eng..


61708. Robert LOKER married Lucy RIDDLESDALE. [Parents]

61709. Lucy RIDDLESDALE. [Parents]


61716. Thomas KNOPP married Alice HOWLAT.

61717. Alice HOWLAT.


61718. John TUE married Cicely.

61719. Cicely.


61728. Robert PARKE was born 8 Mar 1515 in Acton, Suffolk, Eng.. He died 23 Apr 1523 in Suffolk, Eng.. Robert married Alice CHAPLIN on 12 Apr 1564 in All Saints, Sudley, Suffolk, Eng.. [Parents]

61729. Alice CHAPLIN was born 9 May 1551 in Tarnes Farm, Long Melford, Suffolk, Eng.. She died 1594 in Eng.. [Parents]


61730. Robert William CHAPLIN was born 1555 in of Semer, Suffolk, Eng.. He died 15 Oct 1629 in Semer, Suffolk, Eng.. Robert married Elizabeth or Agnes ANSTY about 1580 in Eng.. [Parents]

61731. Elizabeth or Agnes ANSTY was born about 1566. She died 26 Sep 1602 in Semer, Suffolk, Eng.. [Parents]


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