Bissonette Genealogy - anc46 - Generated by Family Ties Deluxe Edition

The Bissonette Family

Fourteenth Generation


10378. Barthelemi TENARD married Jeanne GOVIN.

10379. Jeanne GOVIN.


10380. Pierre PERRAS married Jeanne LANIER.

10381. Jeanne LANIER.


10382. Denis LAMAITRE was born 1617 in St. Eustache, Paris, France. He died 19 Apr 1690 in Hotel Dieu, Montreal, Que.. Denis married Catherine DESHARME on 1635 in St. Paul, France.

10383. Catherine DESHARME was born 1610 in France.


10466. Gaspard BOUCHER was born 1599 in Langy, Mortagne, France. He died 20 May 1662 in Trois Rivieres, St. Maurice, Que.. Gaspard married Nicole LEMAIRE on 12 Dec 1619 in Mamers, Lemans, Maine, France. [Parents]


10467. Nicole LEMAIRE was born 1598 in Mamers, Lemans, Maine, France. She died 19 Jun 1652 in Trois Rivieres, St. Maurice. [Parents]


10468. Rene MEZERAY NOPCES was born 1616 in Thury Harcourt, Normandie, France. He died 1695 in Neuville, Quebec. Rene married Nicole Madeleine GAREMAN about 1645 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. [Parents]

10469. Nicole Madeleine GAREMAN was born 1631 in Bagneau, Soissons, France. She died before 10 Apr 1688 in Neuville, Quebec. [Parents]


10470. Pierre MASSE was born 1620 in LaRochelle, France. He died 18 Apr 1678 in Sillery, Que.. Pierre married Marie DE Lachesnaye PINEL\PINET on 15 May 1644 in Sillery, Que..

10471. Marie DE Lachesnaye PINEL\PINET was born 1624 in Ste. Marguerite, LaRochelle, France. She died 11 Sep 1673 in Sillery, Que.. [Parents]


10476. Simon LEFEBVRE was born about 1618 in Saint Eloy de Tr, Noyon, Picardie, France. He married Marie COUTURIER.

10477. Marie COUTURIER was born about 1620 in Saint Eloy de Tr, Noyon, Picardie, France.


10478. Pierre Charles DE DE POMEROY was born about 1615 in Montdidier, France. He married Helene DE BELLEAU.

10479. Helene DE BELLEAU was born about 1616 in Montdidier, France.


10484. Nicholas LEODET PINEL was born 1605 in Champagnolles, Calvados Vire, Normandie, France. He died 18 Sep 1655 in Que.. Nicholas married Madeleine MARAULT. [Parents]

10485. Madeleine MARAULT was born 1612 in Of Bourgenuf, Aunois, France. She died 10 Feb 1659 in Que.. [Parents]


10486. Nicholas LEODET PINEL is printed as #10484.

10487. Isabelle PINAU was born about 1610 in France.


10488. Leonard FAUCHIER was born about 1595 in St. Maurice, Limoges, France. He married Narde DE VILLEGAULEYS.

10489. Narde DE VILLEGAULEYS was born about 1600 in St. Maurice, Limoges, France.


11016. Jean CARRIER married Jeanne DODIER.

11017. Jeanne DODIER.


11018. Jean Baptiste dit HALAY Sr. is printed as #5516.

11019. Mathurine VALLET is printed as #5517.


11020. Jean GRENET married Jeanne DELAN.

11021. Jeanne DELAN.


11022. Nicholas DOUCOUDRAY married Marie LARGUE.

11023. Marie LARGUE.


11028. Philippe AMYOT was born about 1600 in France. He died 1639 in Que.. Philippe married Anne (Couvent) CONVENT on 1627 in Estres, St. Quentin, Picardie, France.

11029. Anne (Couvent) CONVENT died 25 Dec 1675 in Que.. [Parents]


11030. Pierre dit Le MIVILLE-DESCHENE was born about 1602 in Fribourg, Switzerland. He died 14 Oct 1669 in Lauzon, Levis, Que.. Pierre married Charlotte MAUGIS about 1631 in Brouage, Saintonge, France.

11031. Charlotte MAUGIS was born about 1605 in St. Germain de L, France. She died 11 Oct 1676 in Lauzon, Levis, Que..


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