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The Bissonette Family

Twenty-Eighth Generation


252224006. Saher DE QUINCY was born 1155 in WINCHESTER, Hampshire, Eng.. He died 3 Nov 1219 in Damietta, on way to the Ho, Palestine. Saher married Margaret FitzParnel DE BEAUMONT about 1173. [Parents]

252224007. Margaret FitzParnel DE BEAUMONT was born about 1154 in Leicester, Leicestershire, Eng.. She died 12 Jan 1234 in Hampchire, Eng.. [Parents]


252224020. William CANTILUPE was born about 1159 in Bucks, Eng.. He died 7 Apr 1239. William married Mecelin BRACI. [Parents]

252224021. Mecelin BRACI was born about 1163 in Shopshire, Eng.. [Parents]


252224022. Hugh GOURNAI was born about 1173 in Bucks, Eng.. He married Julia MARTIN.

252224023. Julia MARTIN was born about 1169 in Ashby, Bucks, Eng..


252224032. Henry DE BOHUN 5th Earl of Here died 1 Jun 1220. He married Maud DE MANDEVILLE. [Parents]


252224033. Maud DE MANDEVILLE. [Parents]


252224034. Hugh X DE LE BRUN Count de la Marc married Isabella of Angouleme DE TAILLEFER Queen of England.

252224035. Isabella of Angouleme DE TAILLEFER Queen of England is printed as #125832473.


252224036. Reginald DE BRAOSE Baron was born about 1182 in Bramber, Sussex, Eng.. He died in Brecon, Wales. Reginald married Gwladus Ddu the Princess N. Wale. [Parents]

252224037. Gwladus Ddu the Princess N. Wale is printed as #252052033.


252224038. William MARSHAL 5 Earl of Pembro is printed as #125832466.

252224039. Isabel de Clare Cnts Strigoil is printed as #125832467.


252256256. Robert DE SUTTON Lord Warsop was born 1240. He died 1274. Robert married Lucy BARTRAM. [Parents]

252256257. Lucy BARTRAM.


252256320. Stephen BLOUNT was born about 1166. He died 1235. Stephen married Marie LE BLOUNT. [Parents]

252256321. Marie LE BLOUNT. [Parents]


252256336. Robert IV DE BEAUCHAMP was born 1219 in HATCH, Somerset, Eng.. He died 1265 in Ryme, Dorset, Eng.. Robert married Alice DE MOHUN. [Parents]

252256337. Alice DE MOHUN was born 1230. She died 1285. [Parents]


252256338. William "Fort" DE VIVONNE was born about 1225 in Albemarle, Scotland. He died 22 May 1259. William married Matilda (Maud) DE FERRERS. [Parents]

252256339. Matilda (Maud) DE FERRERS was born about 1228. She died 12 Mar 1298. [Parents]


252256352. Pedro Fernandez y DE TOLEDO was born 1229 in Toledo, New Castile, Spain. He married Urraca DE PALOMEQUE. [Parents]

252256353. Urraca DE PALOMEQUE was born 1233 in Toledo, New Castile, Spain.


252256354. Gutierre ARMILDEZ was born 1231 in Toledo, New Castile, Spain. He married Fernandez.

252256355. Fernandez.


252256360. Garcia Ibanex O DE TOLEDO was born 1232 in Toledo, Spain. He died 16 Jan 1260. Garcia married Maria Fernandez DE GUIDEL. [Parents]

252256361. Maria Fernandez DE GUIDEL was born 1224. [Parents]


252256376. Gontalo Diaz DE ZAVALLOS was born 1225 in Castile, Spain. He married Antozina DE HOZ.

252256377. Antozina DE HOZ.


252256384. Maurice "The Make FITZHARDING was born about 1120 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Eng.. He died 16 Jun 1190 in Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, Eng.. Maurice married Alice DE BERKELEY. [Parents]

252256385. Alice DE BERKELEY was born about 1135 in Brekeley, Gloucestershire, Eng.. She died after 16 Jun 1190. [Parents]


252256386. Ralph DE SOMERY was born about 1151 in DUDLEY, Worcestershire, Eng.. He married Margaret FITZGILBERT. [Parents]

252256387. Margaret FITZGILBERT was born about 1160 in Wiltshire, Eng.. She died after 1242. [Parents]


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