Bissonette Genealogy - anc101 - Generated by Family Ties Deluxe Edition

The Bissonette Family

Twenty-Sixth Generation


63179810. John FRANCEYS.


63179816. Alexander DE BESFORD married DE THORNDN. [Parents]

63179817. DE THORNDN.


63179836. John DURVASSAL married Sybil CORBICON. [Parents]

63179837. Sybil CORBICON. [Parents]


63179838. William DE MOUNTFORD was born about 1276. He married Agneta HOLT.

63179839. Agneta HOLT.


63180180. Henry DE FERRERS was born before 1303. He died 13 Sep 1343. Henry married Isabel DE VERDON before 20 Feb 1330. [Parents]

63180181. Isabel DE VERDON was born 21 Mar 1316. She died 25 Jul 1349. [Parents]


63180184. Thomas the RICH DE BERKELEY 3rd Lord Berkele is printed as #7883012.

63180185. Margaret DE MORTIMER. [Parents]


63180186. Hugh the Younger le DESPENCER is printed as #7864528.

63180187. Eleanore (Alianore) de Clare is printed as #7864529.


63217824. Peter DE PRIDIAS died 1316. He married Clarice. [Parents]


63217825. Clarice.


63217826. Walter DE TREVERBYN.


66719744. Ollahair Olaf\Olaus Odhar GODREDSON was born 1177. He died 21 May 1237 in Isle of St. Patr, Ireland. Ollahair married Lady from KINTYRE. [Parents]

66719745. Lady from KINTYRE.


66723864. William COMYN was born 1163 in BUCHAN, Aberdeen, Scotland. He died 1233 in BUCHAN, Aberdeen, Scotland. William married Margaret BUCHAN Countess of Buch on 1214. [Parents]

66723865. Margaret BUCHAN Countess of Buch was born 1185. She died 1242.


66748416. Michael SCHOTT married Margaret SYRAS. [Parents]

66748417. Margaret SYRAS.


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